The Chefs

Vincent Champ & Ludivine Pineau

From our kitchen and beyond.

If you ask a Corsican from Aregno Village who is the best chef in the Wordl, he will answer whitout hesitation; "My Mother". So if we were to go back to the origins of our passion, it is undeniably to her that we owe it. A simple cuisine made from good products and above all with a constant desire to please. This gift of slef is a heritage that has never left us and what we try to transmit to our team ; cooking as if it were for your children, for those you love!

Cooking is whitout a doubt a profession of passion. A passion that allows you to go beyond the hardness and commitment that is profession requires from a very young age. There is always a moment in the life of a cook when this question arises : Understand where you come from to know where you are going !
Today, Ludivine and I would like to present you our journey that has created the identity of our cuisine and beyond.

It is by passing throught the Parisian Palaces such as the "Georges V" or "Le Fouquet's", taht we discovered the world of French Gastronomy and developped our passion for cooking.
After few years spent in Paris, our road continues to Savoie, in Courchevel. We sharpen our techniques and our knoledge in 2 Michelin stars restaurants, at the "Kintessence" and the Montgomerie" with great chefs.

Discovering the "Île deBeauté", its generosity, its land, its culture, its parfumes... We decided to settle here, in Lumio.

10 years of love and professionel relationship have passed, and now we are writing a new chapter in our history, hand i hand, to make you live an experience full of emotions, by assembling tastes, our history, our passion and our love.

We will tell yu that beyond the passion for cooking, there is the transmission, the memory of those who have shared their values with us during our professionel experinces; the love of good products, the gift of evening to the client, the rigor and excellence.

Our cuisine travels by affection, and if the star shines above La Table Di Mà, it is also thank to them.

Ludivine Pineau & Vincent Champ

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