The Sommelier

Ricardo Molfetta

Maître d'hôtel & Sommelier

Riccardo MOLFETTA, a native of southern Italy, has been passionate about the world of wine since his youth.

He has worked in prestigious international establishments before arriving in Corsica in 2021 after an experience in a two star Michelin restaurant in Burgundy.

Riccardo is always on the lookout for small local winemakers to accompany his wine and food pairings, with the aim of introducing the best of Corsica's vintages.

Red Wines

« Wine is like man: we shall never know to what extent
It can be esteemed and despised, loved and hated,
Nor how many sublime deeds or monstrous crimes it is capable of.
So let us not be more cruel to him than to ourselves
And let us treat him as our equal »

Charles Baudelaire

White Wines

One must always be drunk. In order not to feel the horrible burden of time
That breaks your shoulders, you must be inebriated without ceasing. With wine, poetry or virtue,
As you please. But get drunk!

Charles Baudelaire

Rosé Wines

Wine is a teacher of taste, it is the liberator of the spirit
and the illuminator of the intelligence.

Paul Claudel

Wine of Champagne

The three main grape varieties used to make Champagne are Chardonnay (white grapes), Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (black grapes with white juice). A distinction can be made between Blanc de blancs champagne made from the only white grape variety, Chardonnay, which is ideal as an aperitif and with fish-based starters. And the blanc de noirs champagne, vinified from the black grape varieties, and gives a more powerful champagne, with fruity aromas. Pinot Meunier gives a floral and fruity dimension and Pinot Noir gives more robust champagnes. Blanc de Noir is a unique and rare style of champagne, and often a guarantee of high quality. The majority of champagnes are made from a blend of different grape varieties.

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